Limitless was designed out of necessity to help me out of my rut. Over years and years of trial and error we are now at it’s official second version! I initially thought I needed to advertise it as a life coach, blueprint, planner or some kind of guide to the galaxy or something but the truth is, it’s deeper than that.

It’s evolved to become my trusty sidekick to life, and I just want to be able to share that with as many people as possible. So my goal of the planner for you, is just the same!  I hope that it can be your best friend, can help you in the good times, the tough ones and help keep your life on track!

I’ve included a few tools inside that hopefully can help you out!

The Tools


It can help you figure out what you want in life, how to get it and then how to do it

Quarterly Reviews

Remind you to take a break from life’s business and check in on yourself

Blank Pages

Take notes, write down ideas, and express your thoughts


Set milestones and track habits to achieve your goals

Year Spread

Remember your important “days”: holidays, birthdays and pay days

Monthly Spread

See what’s coming up and plan your events or appointments

Weekly Spread

Deal with life as it comes, by completing brain dumps, chores, random life to-do’s all while still achieving your goals

Limitless has the space to help you: organize, plan and actually do the things you want to do, like a planner should. The space is boundless so your potential can be limitless!